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Towards the end of lockdown I wrote my first book, a crime novel:
September 1997. A silver-sky morning in the Scottish Highlands and Julia Penny runs a hiker off a mountain road with a stolen car. It’s premeditated murder. Hours later she’s in Brighton, an MP in the New Labour government, to establish her alibi - and cheer Tony Blair’s victory speech: ‘Let’s make the good in the heart of each of us - serve the good of all of us.’.
The body is found by DS Connie Feaver, a time-served detective on compassionate leave from the Met. Connie’s also a toil-worn ‘psychopomp’: a guide of lost souls to the place of the dead. Her burden - for five years now - she can see and work with the memory-wiped phantoms of the murdered dead.
The dead man knows only that suddenly he ‘is’ when seconds ago he was not. At his feet is the body of his murdered self. Together with the 'dead man' Connie Feaver will return to London to try to solve the puzzle of who he is, who needed to kill him and why - and finally release him from his limbo. 
PSYCHOPOMP is the first in a projected series featuring DS Connie Feaver. It will be available soon to buy and download from all the usual outlets.
Click the cover to read the first 10 pages
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