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When the great, global, terrible thing came along there was suddenly a lot more time to try something different, and I set about writing the book and lyrics for an imagined musical adaptation of Billy Wilder's classic 'The Apartment'. I got notes about my imperfect rhymes, dactyls and mismatching spondees via Zoom calls from an excellent LA-based 'dramaturge' called Elise Dewsberry and learnt a lot - about how not to do it.

The plague didn't go away, so I turned to adapting an Ealing classic - Alexander McEndrick's
'The Man In The White Suit' - this time for six actors and a piano that could be put on in a theatre pub somewhere - when theatres and pubs are both open again. For a brief moment it looked as if I might get the stage musical rights. The moment passed - but who knows...



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